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Friday, June 05, 2009


20 in a row

As our Gap Up Trader expected, the S&P futures did trade higher, and significantly so, during the hour before the open after a lower than expected number of job losses were reported in the May unemployment report. The automated strategy took very nice profits right after the report came out, spiking S&P futures well over 10 points higher than yesterday's close.

Despite the major market indices ending near unchanged, it was a very nice 10%+ day for our automated futures trading system, led by the big US Dollar rally (we added US Dollar futures trading this week as we expected a reversal from the downtrend to an uptrend).

Testing continues to go very well, and we continue to expand the system with new strategies and new futures coverage. Because of the increased computing power required, we've ordered additional hardware to handle the workload.

We'll continue to post on this blog periodically, but our primary focus is on expanding and testing our automated futures trading system.

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